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Whose Clues

Serious Murder Mystery Experiences

   Whose Clues

Whose Clues is for serious mystery lovers only. 

If you have ever wanted to solve a crime, be part of a chilling mystery, or reveal a culprit, you've come to the right place. 

Whether you attend one of our public mysteries, play one of the text/video games, or download an Etsy mystery to play at home, we have the mystery experience that's right for you. 

So polish your magnifying glass and get ready for a mysterious good time.


At the moment, we don't have a local mystery on the calendar, but that doesn't mean that the Whose Clues fun has to stop! 

Check out our Etsy page where you can buy a Whose Clues mystery to play with your friends and family! And don't forget, they make great gifts!

We also have two murder mystery video games! Play Murder at Chateau de Rouge to experience our first mystery--or check out our text-based game, Pride and Prejudice and Murder, which I wrote with YouTube star, Arglefumph!

Experience a Whose Clues mystery 

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Latest Mystery



Murder at Chateau De Rouge

Helena Montague, the heiress to a grand fortune, is mourning the recent death of her father. Feeling lonely at Chateau de Rouge, the large, ancestral mansion that she has just inherited, she’s invited several old friends to come and stay with her for a while, to keep her company.

But being that it is a dark and stormy night, there are even some surprise visitors who arrive at the mansion, seeking shelter from the storm. Soon, the group realize that one member of their party is missing… and that something horrible has occurred there.

Before the night is over, they find themselves solving a dark mystery, proving that one member of their group is a cold-blooded killer.


Pride and Prejudice and Murder

In a room full of loved ones, one of them is a coldblooded killer. Who can be trusted? And what secrets lie hidden underneath a well-crafted murder?

Solve the crime by navigating through multiple pathways and multiple choices. Read the story through the narrator of your choice in order to see different perspectives. You never know where the next clue will lie, or who has the darkest secret to expose.


  • Expose a killer in this thrilling sequel to Jane Austen’s classic novel

  • Watch the mystery unfold through more than ten different narrators

  • Play out multiple endings

  • Interact with all of the classic Pride and Prejudice characters

  • Choose where you want the story to go

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